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Nowadays, most mutation ailment, if discovered and treated early, can be controlled through integrated treatment by both conventional western medicine and Traditional Chinese Herbal Supplement (TCHS).  Even for otherwise healthy individuals, the use of TCHS supplements can be an affective defense to combat its development.


The fundamental cause of mutation ailment is due to mutative cell growth factors stimulating the body’s cells to start its abnormal growth.  The human body, under normal circumstances, has the ability to resist cell mutation - inducing the body’s immune system and to subdue the formation of mutative cells.  However, when the mutation causing elements becomes too strong, the body’s immune system may not be able to resist the onslaught and these resistance cells would gradually form into toxic lesions, which is what we called mutation ailment.  Usually, when mutative cells has progressed to the stage where it can be discovered, it has already persisted for some time.  In a lot of cases, when it is first clearly diagnosed, it may have already progressed to the later stages. 


Given the elusive nature of the disease and its often expeditious progression, it is imperative to take a precautionary/proactive approach when dealing with the threat of developing mutation ailment.  This can be through regular medical check-ups, regular exercise and the daily intake of TCHS supplements (such as PSP) to augment one’s immune system in its resistance to mutative cell growth.


At present, the spread of mutative cell is normally treated by one or more of the following three methods: surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, which can directly attack and kill abnormal cells. At the same time, they can also kill normal cells and seriously weaken a patient's immunological function. While these treatments represent major advances treating mutation ailment, they are unfortunately frequently associated with a greater incidence of infection.


Infection is one the most serious complications for mutation ailment patients. This is due to alterations in the body’s immune system from the disease, the resulting therapy or both. As a result, the level of white blood cells in the blood decreases. Without enough white blood cells available to fight off infection causing bacteria, there is an increased risk of getting an infection. For this reason, the physician will check blood counts frequently during chemotherapy.


The only sure way to prevent infection is to stay away from those who are infected, which may not always be possible. The next best way is to improve immune system function and response so that its mechanisms can better identify and more effectively destroy the infecting viruses and/or other infectious agents.


Increasingly, many people are paying attention to what is called an alternative approach to health. It essentially involves taking care of the body, particularly the immune system, so that the body can resolve external diseases. These approaches can be combined or supplemented with a well-balanced diet containing vitamins, minerals, herbs, hormones, or amino acids, or with Traditional Chinese Herbal Supplements (TCHS) that contain other natural substances that the body’s natural immune system can use to stay in balance.


It has been found through relatively recent clinical trials and studies performed in China and Japan that consumption of natural Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide can raise one’s immunological function.


Yunzhi will not cure any disease, but rather, it stimulates activation of macrophages (white blood cells), and T-cells (fights against infection). Through the host’s own cell mediated response, natural Yunzhi acts as an immune-modulator or regulator that helps to control the macrophage activity. The use of yunzhi polysaccharide is so effective that it is classified as a Category 4 drug in China as a secondary treatment for mutation ailment, and an immuno-modulator for the treatment of chronic active hepatitis.


Natural Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide can be compatible with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to protect normal cells from immunological function damage by reducing suppression of the immune system as a result of the mutation ailment, radiation, chemotherapy, or aging. The side effects of white blood cell reduction such as nausea, anorexia and alopecia during the treatment process can be reduced.


Moreover, Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide does not interact with other drugs nor affect hepatic drug-metabolizing enzyme activities indicating that drug efficacy is not affected when used with other medications.  Although its combative effect is not as potent as that of chemotherapeutic drugs, Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide does not cause harm to the normal cells. In other words, it possesses the ability of distinguishing between normal and abnormal cells.

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Mutation ailment is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cellular growth with local invasion of normal tissue (benign), or a systemic spread of the disease, or both.


Normally, the growth of cells takes place in an orderly and controlled manner. Mutative cells do not have this growth control mechanism. The cells then continue to divide and are capable of invading adjacent cell structures or breaking away from the original cell mass and establish new growth in other parts of the body (metastasis). These cells do not function as normal cells and unless the process is halted, the mutative cell characteristics can ultimately result in the death of the patient.  However, one does not have to despair.  Mutation ailment today is no longer an incurable disease as it was in the past. ,

The following are highlights in one of the most devastating prognosis for millions of people around the world, that of being diagnosed with mutation ailment or diagnosed with the hereditary propensity of developing this serious illness.

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